Healthy Blue LivingThe Blueprint For Living Long And Living Well

Take vacations if you want to live longer!Want to live to a healthy 100? It may be more possible than you think.

Learn the habits of people who live the longest!


I realized long ago, when it comes to staying healthy, I was in control of my own destiny. I began studying the lives of those people who were living the longest, and researching how to remain disease-free. I didnt want my familys health history to diminish my lifespan in any way. To my surprise, I discovered that longevity is only 25% heredity. The other 75% is attributed to lifestyle and the choices we make. That was good news.

I found that several places exist where people routinely live past average life expectancy. In these Blue Zones as theyre called, not only do people live into their 90s and beyond, they thrive. How do they do it? What habits have they formed? What do they eat? How much do they exercise? Ill give you a hintno processed food, no marathon running, lots of socializing, and wine is involved! Who wouldnt love that?

Discover a lifestyle that promotes health, wellness, joy, and even a longer life.

 Healthy Blue living is selecting specific lifestyle components intrinsic to the Blue Zone idea, and incorporating them into your own life in order to achieve maximum longevity and increase your chances of remaining disease free.They include:

Eat a mostly plant-based diet. Yes, the food you eat will come back to haunt you if its the unhealthy variety. Eating processed foods and too much sugar will cause your health to suffer. Healthy centenarians consume meat only once a week or not at all. They eat nuts, beans, olive oil and drink wine in moderation.  Eating fresh food and staying lean are both crucial for maintaining health throughout your lifetime. While there is no single diet to ensure wellness and longevity, the diets eaten by centenarians of the Blue Zones will promote and maintain health and help keep you disease free and Plant based diet for maximum longevityactive well into old age.

Find a purpose and a passion. Much can be said about living a joyful life. People that live to a ripe old age are generally happy people. So whether you join a sports team, a church group, a book club, or volunteer at a museum, find enjoyable ways to stay socially active. Participate in the community. Engage in spiritual activities. Being connected helps a person feel happy and satisfied. Happy people are generally healthier and live longer. The centenarians of the Blue Zones say they have a reason to get up in the morning. Find your reason.

Keep your body moving as much as possible. Work out if you enjoy it. Many of us love to challenge ourselves with vigorous exercise. But even if you dont, there are ways to stay healthy. Walking, gardening, even house cleaning are all ways to keep active and move your body. The healthy Blue Zone centenarians maintain an active lifestyle, engaging in almost constant natural movement throughout the day. (Back and forth to the refrigerator does not count.)

Try gardening to minimize stressMinimize stress. While its impossible to totally recreate life in a remote part of the world such as a Blue Zone, there are ways to minimize stress in order to promote health. Take a vacation, even a short one. Its been proven that people who take vacations are generally healthier and live longer. Enjoy a hobby. Get together with friends. Exercise, take up gardening. Learn to meditate. Read a good book. Life’s too short, as they say. And If you don’t take control of stress, life really may be too short, if you know what I mean
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 Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as being able to remake ourselves.” –Gandhi