Six Ways To Be Healthier


Running isn't the only way to move!

You dont have to run a marathon to stay active and healthy

Centenarians of the blue zones thrive on almost constant, natural movement. Its what helps keep them healthy. Try incorporating extra movement into your every day. Combined with a healthy approach to eating, being active could just tip the scale in your favor, in more ways than one. People who live the longest are active people, not couch potatoes. By pursuing more movement in your day, youll burn more calories, helping you maintain a proper weight and you may just be healthier and ultimately live longer.


Take the stairs. This one is kind of no-brainer. By switching to manual mode whenever possible, you log extra steps every week, which equates to more calories burned and more overall natural movement in your daily life. What could be wrong with that?

Clean your house more often. Not always tops on the list of desirable activities, but cleaning is a great way to get moving. Plus, you kill two birds with one stone and get to enjoy a clean house.

Be creative when it comes to walking.
You may not always have time for a dedicated walk, but there are ways to incorporate extra steps into your day. Park in a far-away stall when you go to the store. Carry your grocery bags into the house one at a time. Make multiple trips up the stairs when you’re picking up after your kids and returning things to their rooms.

Walk your kids to school. (Or bike) This is not always possible of course, but if you do live within a reasonable walking distance, do yourself and your child a favor. Get up a few minutes earlier and walk to school. Its a great way to start the day, spend extra time together, teach them the benefit of exercise, and get some walking in yourself.

Plant a garden. Whether you live in an apartment or house, working in a garden has benefits beyond mere exercise. Even if your space is small, there’s no limit to what you can plant, grow and tend. Raised garden boxes and pots are an alternative if space is limited. Growing a garden is not only a great way of getting natural movement, but you reap other health rewards as well. Beyond getting to eat what you sowed, the joy and serenity of tending a garden is therapeutic.

Play with your kids.
Turn off the TV, get off the computer, lay down your phone. Many times we think we’re too tired by the end of the day to do anything physical. Remember the old sayinga body in motion, stays in motion. So whether your kids are five, or seventeen, go into the yard, the driveway, the nearest park. Play some soccer, football, or basketball. Throw a frisbee, hit some tennis balls. Get moving and get everyone involved. It’s not only exercise, it’s time spent with family. Teach your kids that movement is a way of life. And Dad’s, your daughters will reap additional benefits from playing sports and time spent with Dad.

5 thoughts on “Six Ways To Be Healthier

  1. Neyssa

    Love it! Especially, the last point. We live in a very techy world, where we only exercise our fingers. Thanks for the reminder to put the computer down and exercise! :)

    1. [email protected] Post author

      Yes we do! If you are mindful to add as much movement in your day as possible, especially when you dont have dedicated exercise time, your still benefit greatly, in addition to burning extra calories.

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