Sugar KillsStop The Madness

sugar AND artificial color...yikes!

Be healthy, stop eating sugar


Saying I used to eat a little sugar is like saying Lance Armstrong did a little doping.

Sugar is difficult to avoid. Sugar doesnt only mean cookies, cake and soda. Its everywhere prepackaged foods, fast food, processed food. You know whats in all those low-fat products youre buying? Yup, sugar.

Research has proven that sugar increases the dopamine and opioid levels in the brain that can create a sugar addiction. Sugar temporarily increases energy and a feeling of well-being. The more you eat the more you want. I, personally, decided to go cold-turkey in order to break the habit and abolish the craving. It worked. My year without sugar set me free.

Although I was already aware that sugar was unhealthy and lead to weight-gain, I discovered some very scary facts about the white stuff. I found out that consuming sugar has a suppressive effect on the immune system that lasts for several hours after ingestion. If you’re eating sugar after each meal, you are, in effect, suppressing your immune system all day long.

Refined sugar has a bad effect on cardiovascular health as well. One study showed that people with high sugar intakes had much lower levels of HDL, the good cholesterol, as well as high triglycerides.(Bad) In addition, the chronic inflammation caused by increased cortisol has been linked to cancer and heart disease.

Think about all these dreadful consequences waiting for you down the road as youre enjoying those cookies, that pie, the meal from Taco Bell (yes, you heard right) When you stop consuming refined sugar, your need decreases and eventually goes away. A square of dark chocolate is a good substitute, and will provide lots of antioxidants in addition to satisfying your sweet tooth. Do it for your health. You just may lose some unwanted weight in the process.Who doesnt love that?




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