Top 5 Ways To Achieve Proper Weight And Remain Disease-Free

healthy pomegranatesAlthough my primary focus is not about losing weight, as you follow healthy blue living eating guidelines, stop consuming refined sugar, and fill your plate with greens, vegetables, beans, legumes, and fruit, you may find yourself dropping a few pounds.


In the meantime, here are some tricks that will help get you started on the right path To Achieve Proper Weight And Remain Disease-Free

*Serve your food on a smaller plate. Our typical dinner plates have grown larger over the years. Hey, what a coincidence so have our bodies.

*Think of your eating plan as the way to avoid disease.  Change the way you view food. Fresh food is your friend, processed food is not. Commit for the long haul, not just until you reach ___ ( fill in dream weight) Youre eating to be healthy, not just to lose weight.

*Instead of focusing on losing weight, learn how poor dietary choices lead to chronic ill-health. Some people are thin, and still not healthy. Its really about whats happening inside your body. Youve heard those silly stories about losing weight eating only fast food cant sustain that for a lifetime and  become a centenarian!

*Dont buy in bulk. Forget the discount warehouse store. Its never wise to keep extra food around the house. Besides, prepackaged, convenience food should be avoided. Take time to shop markets, produce stands and small neighborhood stores more often. (I love Trader Joes) Let your body tell you what it craves instead of mindlessly grabbing processed items stockpiled in the pantry.

*Serve your food at the counter, then put it away. We tend to eat more when eating  family style hey look, theres still more food!  When you put food away, it signals youre done. (Then all you need is that square of dark chocolate)


 Find ways to move naturally throughout the day. Dont focus so much on dedicated exercise time unless you truly enjoy it. Most exercise plans fail quickly if theyre forced. Remember, your goal is to change how you live, permanently, not just run off extra calories.

By gradually changing focus from losing weight to getting healthy, youll adopt beneficial lifestyle habits that will ensure your health for many years to come.

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