How To Eat For A Longer Life

This just may be the best diet EVER!  Who can argue when wines on the menu?

There are areas in the world filled with centenarians (100 year olds) living healthy lives. One such location is Sardinia.

Consider these questions How long would I like to live if I was healthy and disease-free?  How can I help my children develop habits that will maximize their life?
Heres how to eat like a centenarian from Sardinia
1. Eat Beans, particularly Fava beans
2. Consume garden vegetables such as zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, greens
3Lots of Fruit of all kinds
4. Whole grains
5. Pecorino cheese made from grass-fed sheep
6. Red wine. While the wine in Sardinia is made from the flavonoid rich Cannonau grape, for our purposes, any red wine will do. (Right?)
* Meat is reserved for Sundays or special occasions. Not one group of centenarians from any of the five original Blue Zones consume meat more than once a week, if at all.
It would be presumptuous to suggest we could duplicate the diet of the Sardinians exactly. Even if we could, diet is only one of the factors that contribute to longevity.  (Lifestyle is another integral part of longevity) But even though diet is not the sole ingredient that insures longevity, its a great start. One step at a time, and you need to begin somewhere.
As many as two-thirds of the people in this country are overweight, many are obese and morbidly obese.
Children are becoming obese and developing diabetes and other chronic diseases at an alarming rate. According to healthyliving.msn the current generation of children are expected to have shorter lifespans than their parents. Begin the process of change. Lets teach our children how to eat healthy and live well.

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