USA vs. Portugal

 USA soccerI’ve been heartbroken and sullen for two days, (we should have won that game) which does nothing for my pursuit of centenarianism. I need to stop the lamenting and finger-pointing. Carrying a grudge against Michael Bradley will do nothing for my karma. Typically, I’m a “glass half full” kind of gal. Time to move on. Let’s focus on beating the Germans. I just hope Bradley can get his sh*t together in time.

There were several standout players in the US game against Portugal. Jermaine Jones for one. His goal was nothing short of breathtaking, his defensive play exceptional. And, he’s got cool hair to boot.

Graham Zusi. Although the so-called set piece king had some really lame corners, it was his ball that resulted in our second, and what would have been the winning goal. (Oops, looks like I’m not quite over it after all)

Fabian Johnson. His thoughtful runs up the right side provided multiple chances for the US. Another fabulous, Fabian performance. Props to you Fab.

Clint Dempsey. Always insanely dangerous. Not only that, this guy soldiered on with a broken nose and no face mask! One tough SOB.

Most importantly, my own kids played the beautiful game extremely well over the weekend. My daughter, with three goals and two assists, helped her team take the tournament title. My oldest son found the back of the net not once, but twice. Two stunning goals, two team wins. Way to go kids.

Now Jurgen, I’m counting on you. My temperament is fragile. For the love of God and my families well-being, work your magic and pull this thing off.

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