USA Escapes The Group Of Death

Tim Howard, World Class Keeper

Keep up the good work Tim

The United States may have lost one battle, but they’re still in the war. Germany handily maintained 63% ball procession, causing the boys in white to repel numerous assaults. They held strong until the 55th minute. Germany 1, USA 0. Credit Thomas Muller, his fourth goal of the tournament.(On pace with Messi and Neymar). The US was able to quell any further advances by the Germans. Both move on to the round of 16. Many believed the US would never get out of the group of death. But Jurgen has taken his troops to battle and emerged victorious. (I’m still questioning his decision to omit Donovan, however). After laying the groundwork in games one and two with a win against Ghana (never an easy task) and a draw against Portugal, (I can barely speak of this TIE) the US was able to withstand the loss. Ghana needed to upset Portugal in order to dethrone the United States’ second position. Didn’t happen. Portugal 2, Ghana 1. An own goal by Ghana and a Cristiano goal in the 80th minute was all Portugal, and the US needed. Thanks guys, and good-bye. Have a good trip home.

The US doesn’t play again until Tuesday when we take on Belgium. I don’t even recognize any of these players except Eden Hazard and Vincent Kompany. I think we can take ‘em. If neither Ronaldo OR the Germans could squash us, what are these guys from the small chocolate eating country of Belgium going to do? Jurgen, I don’t mean to be an armchair general, but let’s see Yedlin in for longer. He’s a menace. Have Bradley work on his first touches (yikes) and Zusi on his corners. Bring Cameron back. He has better communication with Beasley and Besler. Although Omar did the job, he operated on recovery. Wheres Mix? Still feeling the pinch of taking Landon’s jersey? And how about Julian Green. Why roster a guy you can’t play? Bring him on. Lets see what he can do.

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