Germany Defeats Brazil 7-1, Await Netherlands Or Argentina

World cup ballJuly 8, 2014. A day which will live in infamy for Brazilians after the German blitzkrieg. A historic 7-1 defeat that the people of Brazil collectively paid 11 billion dollars for the privilege to watch on home soil. That’s gotta hurt. They had not lost a competitive match to anyone at home since 1975.
It was also 24 years to the day that Germany arose victorious in the 1990 World Cup final over Argentina. An omen of things to come perhaps?
Records were obliterated as Brazil folded like origami and Germany produced 5 goals within an 18 minute period. After the first Thomas Muller goal at 11 minutes in, they went on to bang out four more in the 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 29th for the fastest 4 goals in history. Yikes. What were the boys of Brazil doing? How could this happen? Shock and tears permeated the stadium. Not since the 6-0 shellacking by Uruguay in the 1920 Copa America has Brazil suffered a defeat of this magnitude. The Brazilians had not given up more than 5 goals to an opponent in a World Cup since 1938. And they went on to win that match over Poland, 6-5. But that was in a first round game, not a semi-final for Petes sake.
I was rooting for the Fatherland anyway, but it was still agonizing to watch. Germany played well. Their passing impressive during the calculated build-up to each goal. Brazil could muster no passion  on the day beyond the singing of the national anthem and the desperate clutching of the #10 jersey of heavily depended upon fallen comrade, Neymar. Their deposed Captain, Thiago Silva, sat on the sidelines serving out the ban for his act of childish immaturity in the previous game. There was no fight or organization to their play. Then again, it spoke to how they had arrived here in the first place. No qualifiers to contend with and questionable wins leading up to this semi-final. It was a display that embarrassed and humiliated the coach, the players themselves, and the entire country. I dare say it even created discomfort for fans everywhere, as world order was in question.

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