Fertilizer Killed The Dog

Well, I dont know for sure. But isnt it strange that chemicals deemed safe and used in this country are banned in other countries. Do they know things that other so-called experts are choosing to ignore?

Im not sure why people want to risk exposing loved ones to a potentially damaging array of chemical assailants. These products, a combination of fertilizer and toxic chemicals designed to kill weeds, expose people and pets to ingredients linked to reproductive harm and cancer in addition to contaminating our air, water and homes. The most common weed killer in these products is the herbicide, 2,4-D, but Dicamba and Mecoprop are used as well. Researchers have concluded that these pesticides can cause various forms of cancer, including non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and insecticides have been connected to brain damage in kids. This is a good time to resolve to not use pesticides on lawns and gardens, says Phil Landrigan, MD, director of Mount Sinais Childrens Environmental Health Center.

It distresses me to see children playing with pets on their chemical lawns. When you live in suburbia, youre surrounded by people I affectionately refer to as lawn guys. You know the type. Grass cut to the perfect height, on the diagonal, every five days. Dont want so much as a footprint or tire track marring their perfect lawn. Weed and feed is their religion. Lawn service trucks regularly make the rounds in my neighborhood, chemical spray guns taking aim at already perfect, weedless lawns. As I take my morning walk, breathing the fumes and tip toeing my way down the street trying my best to avoid grinding the over-shot pellets into my shoes and bringing them back to my house, I cant help but have concerns about my familys health and safety. Why did the neighbors last two dogs get cancer? Coincidence? Maybe

Create spaces that don't require toxic chemicals

Create spaces that dont require toxic chemicals

I dont profess to be a specialist in lawn care. Nor do I care about perfect green grass. What I do care about is the health of my family and the environment. And from what I understand, healthy grass comes from healthy soil. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not only a health risk, but they kill the health of the soil and create a lawn that doesnt allow rainwater absorption. Thus creating the need to water and creating the secondary issue of wasting that natural resource. (See below). There are safer ways, organic alternatives to treat a lawn if you are so inclined, as well as doing things to maintain optimal soil composition. Or, just accept some weeds and get on with life. Personally, Im converting much of the yard to plantings and gardens that require minimal care. Thank the Lord my husbands not a lawn guy.


Update 7/16/2014

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California water regulators voted Tuesday to approve fines up to $500 a day for residents who waste water on lawns, landscaping and car washing, as a report showed that consumption throughout the state has actually risen amid the worst drought in nearly four decades.





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