Four Simple Switches For Healthier Eating

Summer Dinner, asparagus, tomatoes, blueberries and cantaloupSo youve decided to work on being healthier. Good for you. Start by making a few simple changes to help you avoid the consequences that come with eating an unhealthy diet.

Here are some switches to make today in order to help you meet your goal:

1. Change from refined salt, to natural sea salt. Our bodies need the sodium and chloride present in salt. We also benefit from the many minerals found in natural sea salt. What we dont need, are the potentially unsafe, anti-caking agents contained in refined salt that extend its shelf life: sodium ferrocyanide, ammonium citrate, aluminum silicate. But make sure the sea salt you buy is unrefined. The refining process strips every shred of nutritional value.

2. Dump the refined sugar and replace it with dark chocolate. If youre unable or unwilling to give up dessert, switch to dark chocolate. Its rich in antioxidants and can actually help you burn fat. Look for at least 70% cocoa for its lower sugar content and enjoy a square or two after a meal.

3. Trade those potato chips for some nuts. No need to discuss the fact that chips are devoid of any redeeming qualities. A small bowl of nuts, however, when you need a crunchy snack, packs a whole arsenal of healthy nutritional benefits. The unsaturated fat, omega-3s and fiber in nuts help fill you up and keep you satisfied.  It doesnt matter if theyre raw or roasted, almonds or walnuts. Nuts of all types are a valuable food to add to your diet.

4. Make your own salad dressing. When youve taken the time to make a fresh, healthy salad, why pour on the chem-dressing? Check out the list of ingredients in store-bought salad dressing. One of the best foods on the planet for your health is a stunning, flavorful, extra-virgin olive oil. A straight drizzle on your spinach is all you need. Add a sprinkle of sea salt and fresh Parmesan or Feta. Or add a touch of honey, lemon juice or mustard to your olive oil for extra zip. Yum.


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