Live Like You Want To Reach 100

Salad of greens, tomato, avocado and olives. Bowl of pomegranate seeds, bluberries, strawberries

Fresh food lunch

You can avoid common age-related disease with the right lifestyle


Well all get old eventually, if were lucky. Unfortunately, some will become afflicted with the illnesses common to the elderly. Yikes. And while many  think that disease is inevitable and synonymous with old age, there are ways to bypass some, if not all, age-related maladies that can develop when living into your eighties and beyond. How so, you ask? It takes living a certain way throughout your life. After all, who wants to live to 100 if youre propped in a chair being spoon fed applesauce while wearing a diaper?


Many centenarians in the Blue Zones of the world have been able to escape age-related afflictions. They get adequate exercise through natural movement, lead a relatively stress-free life, have social connections, and maintain a purposeful existence. But I would argue, it all begins with eating a diet filled with fresh, whole foods. The kind of foods that dont cause inflammation in the body. And while we may not always be able to control or eliminate stress in our lives, what we can control, for the most part, is what we put in our pie-hole.


Inflammation. The word strikes fear. Chief perpetrator in age-related diseases, chronic inflammation plays a big part in the development of cardiovascular disease, some types of cancer, stroke, and even dementia. Again, yikes. So, the best anyone can do is to try to minimize inflammation in the first place. How best to accomplish that? By eating whole foods and avoiding the nasties that create inflammation, such as simple carbohydrates, sugar, refined and processed foods. You know, the foods we love to eat, like pastries, bread, crackers, chips, SUGAR, fast food and even meat. Meat contains pro-inflammatory fats, so limiting meat intake is a smart choice. Theres a commonality in the diets eaten in each of the Blue Zones: meat consumption is minimal. Once a week at most, to not at all.


Its not easy, especially when youre young, to realize the consequences of your actions. But by middle age, as our bodies begin feeling the effects of inflammation, the stiffness, twinges of pain, joint soreness, you may want to visualize what you want to be like when youre 80, 85 or 90 years old. Make the changes needed before its too late to recover.

Eliminate  foods that cause your body to deteriorate, such as processed food. Eat whole food.

(See what the centenarians of the blue zones eat)


Reduce stress: Exercise, learn to meditate, find hobbies, separate from negative people who cause you stress. Take a vacation.



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