Can An Impatient Person With A Touch Of Road Rage Live To 100?

Lavender has a calming effect

Lavender has a calming effect

Trying to crack the code on longevity brought me to the discovery of  Blue Zone centenarians and the habits that allow them to live so long. So, as someone with hopes and dreams of making it to my 100th birthday, unscathed by common age-related diseases, I needed to ask myself, “Can an impatient person with a touch of road rage live to be 100?”

Bad drivers infuriate me, inciting moments of outrage and frustration.  That can’t be good. I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of  really bad stuff happening to my body at that point, causing heinous, cellular damage, taking precious minutes off my existence that no amount of spinach or pomegranate eating is going to make up for. I’m fairly confident that’s not centenarian wanna-be behavior. Then again, how many Blue Zoners are commuting to work or anywhere for that matter, with New Jersey drivers?

Ive got the diet and exercise thing down. Thats not much of a stretch for me. I eat whole foods and try to stay away from processed junk. I actually love to exercise and get lots of movement everyday.

Staying connected to family and friends is very important to longevity goals. As is having a purpose. My three wonderful children and my hubby are my world. I enjoy my friends and all the activities Im involved in.

The question is, what to do about those unsavory situations that cause undo stress.

Blue zone centenarians live a pretty simple existence by modern standards. Their lives certainly cannot be compared to the life of a harried soccer Mom, living in the suburbs of a large, busy, metropolitan area, forced to drive on the open road. Blue Zoners live in isolated locations, away from fast-paced society, surrounded by like-minded people. To put it simply, they dont commute in rush-hour.



Perhaps all I need is a little more yoga and meditation. Or maybe keep some lavender oil in the car



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