Things You Dont Know About Costa Rica

Costa Rica's ColonFirst of all, Ive never been to Costa Rica, but my husband has. It seems like a nice place. And apparently a popular tourist destination. Rainforests, beaches, waterfalls, nature, surfing, volcanoeswow, Costa Rica has it all.

The currency in Costa Rica is called the colon. Im sorry, that just makes me giggle. Its probably not pronounced like colon, but still.

They also have a kick-a** Mens soccer team. One that drew a very tricky group for World Cup 2014. No one gave them a lick of hope against the likes of Italy, England and Uruguay. Only guess what they managed to top the group and continue on to the quarterfinals. After the narrowest of defeats against the Netherlands in penalty kicks, Costa Ricas stock rose significantly and they climbed 12 places in the FIFA World Rankings. Theyve sure cleaned the USAs clock a few times as well.

But I digress

Theres a small section of Costa Rica called the Nicoya Peninsula jutting out into the Pacific Ocean. This peninsula is a place where the people live happily and healthily for a very long time. Were talking like, centenarian long. It is a Blue Zone.

1. There, residents eat a primarily plant-based diet, especially legumes (all kinds of beans, peas and lentils). They also eat rich, colorful fruits.   You can too.

2. Moderate physical activity is a normal part of daily life along with a strong work ethic– walking, bicycling, gardening, cooking, keeping up the house and taking care of their animals. All this adds to the sense of purpose that seems to be a key component for longevity.   How hard is that?? Cancel that lawn service and get out there.

3. Nicoya’s place a high importance on having a good relationship with their family, maintaining a strong social network and being active and integrated into their communities.   See, Ikaria

4. Most of the population of Nicoya belong to a faith-based community of some form.   Any form.

While all of us dont have warm weather year round, dont be afraid to bundle up, get outside and stay active. Use the above guidelines to make an environment for yourself and your  children to be healthy. Create your own Blue Zone.

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