Your Best Anti-Aging Strategy

Eat plenty of fresh, whole foods

Eat plenty of fresh, whole foods

I dont think theres anyone who doesnt want to look their absolute best, especially as they get older. And while finding the ultimate anti-wrinkle cream, the perfect hair color, and maintaining a toned body is typically what people have in mind when talking anti-aging, is that really what its all about? Without a doubt, those things help to make a person look good and perhaps even feel younger. But focusing on external traits and not paying attention to whats more important in terms of real anti-aging strategies is counter-intuitive. Lets put our priorities on whats really important when it comes to aging; health and longevity. Because in spite of what you may have heardits not how you look, but how you feel. By making mindful choices, its possible to remain disease-free and add productive years to your life. So while many people in our society seem to view anti-aging as eliminating the bags and sags that come with aging, banishing the inevitable wrinkles, and staying toned and tight, remember to keep the focus on the best anti-aging strategy there is: taking care of your insides in order to have a long, healthy life.

1. Make eating plenty of colorful, and even not so colorful, fruits and vegetables the main focus of your eating plan. Vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants from whole, fresh foods are better than any pill or potion. Blue Zone centenarians are able to outlast the average lifespan by eating a diet made up of whole, unprocessed foods. All it takes is committing to taking more time for shopping and cooking fresh. Isnt it worth it in the long run?

2. You know the old saying, move it or lose it. When you stop being active, your body stops working. By getting plenty of natural movement throughout each and every day, even when you dont have enough time to devote to a dedicated exercise routine, you can still remain healthy. Blue Zone centenarians dont run marathons, yet they are able to stay a step ahead of average life expectancy by getting lots of movement in every day. Walk as much as you can, always take the stairs, garden and do the work around your house.

3. Participate in your community. Whether youre active and involved in a church group or volunteer at your kids school, its important to have a connection and find a purpose, a common theme of the centenarians of the Blue Zones.

4. Put family first. Isnt this really a no-brainer? Or at least it should be. When youre fortunate enough to have family, children, siblings, and friends, make sure you make them the highest priority above your job, above your hobbies, above your possessions. Youll reduce stress and may be rewarded by extra years of happiness. Remember, no one ever regrets spending too much time with loved ones on their death-bed.



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