Guaranteed Healthier Future? Form Healthy Habits Today

On the Spanish Steps

Lots of walking and stair climbing helps maintain a healthy weight

Its easy to park your patooty for hours on end. Smart phones, portable devices and computers make it not only possible to occupy yourself  indefinitely in the comfort of your own home while in the sitting position, but incredibly addicting and entertaining to do so. The challenge comes in not.

Did you know that women forty to fifty years ago were typically thinner than women of today? The average weight of a woman of childbearing years during the 1960s was 136 pounds. Today? A whopping 154. Donna Reed didnt even have a gym membership, Im pretty sure. And June Cleaver did not do CrossFit. How then, were these women remaining so impossibly svelte? The answer? They never sat down. Their average day consisted of house cleaning, care taking, and real food meal preparation not replicated by most women in todays world of emailing, twitting, face-booking, driving kids to school, sporting events and dance class. (When I was a kid, I walked or biked everywhere I needed to go. Mommies didnt drive their kids to school, even when it rained. They handed them an umbrella. Better for kids, better for Mom.) I realize these women were television characters, but they were thin, and their lifestyle did reflect the stay-at-home Mother of the day. In many regards, technology, modern conveniences, and affluence have not done us any favors.

I admit, I was a little nervous when nagging injuries ended my running career while simultaneously entering my fifties. I was fearful of developing the proverbial mid-life spread. With my motivation fixed on staying healthy, (not to mention my hot husband!) thanks to a well thought out diet plan of eating real food, in addition to engaging in lots of purposeful natural movement, I weigh the same today as I did in high school. But most importantly, Im healthy and on my way to enjoying an incredibly long life. Centenarians of the Blue Zones, those people in the world who have lived to see their one-hundredth birthday, have spent a lifetime getting constant natural movement everyday. So much of our individual health and well-being depends on the choices we make. Sure, it saves time to pay someone to mow the lawn for you, but have you ever considered that doing it yourself could be good exercise and even increase your longevity?

Not being one who is necessarily up on the newest technology, Im perhaps the last person on the planet to find out about FitBit. I dont think I need one, but admittedly, it sounds fun and strangely intriguing. If youre someone who struggles to get motivated with being active, it may be worth the investment. If thats what you need in order to decide to take the stairs instead of the escalator, so be it!


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