Woman Seeking Centenarian Status

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On remaining healthy and striving to reach 100inspiration comes from my three children. (With my kids in one of my favorite countries, Italia)

Nearly 60 something (!) seeking long, joyful, healthy life...

I was born and raised in the Midwest, in the land of cheese. Unfortunately, my parents and both sets of grandparents died young. I took an interest in exercise early on, but failed to grasp the impact of eating an unhealthy diet until I was in my thirties. I began to worry that my ancestral health history may start to create problems for me somewhere down the line. With cancer and heart disease looming large in my gene pool, I realized I needed to focus a whole lot more on my food choices if I wanted to avoid the consequences that had befallen my family members.

I also realized that health and wellness is a lifestyle, but there was more to it than just exercising and eating right. Both are integral components of a healthy lifestyle, but far from the only things needed for a long and rewarding life. Beyond the physical elements of keeping your body at it’s best are the social and psychological areas of our lives that have influence on longevity. Connecting with family and friends, being socially active, volunteering in your community, being happy with yourself and your surroundings, finding a purpose, and limiting stress, are all major contributors.

Concert on the square, Madison Wi

Enjoying an outdoor concert in one of the greatest cities on the planet and my home Madison, Wisconsin

I am a vacation junkie, wife, Mother, former manager of a large and highly successful salon, previous marathon runner, present day walker, wannabe decorator and Europhile. After kissing a whole lot of frogs, I married the most wonderful, supportive husband in the whole world, who encourages me to be the best that I can be and puts up with my futbol fanaticism. What makes me want to live to be 100? I have three wonderful children who inspire me, and for whom I would like to provide inspiration.

new york city

Enjoying time with my husband in New York city

I enjoy gardening and working in the yard. I love to read. I adore traveling and experiencing life to the fullest. I appreciate sports and athletes of all kinds and am one of those strange people who can watch a marathon on television.(Thats the 26 mile race, not 400 episodes of Seinfeld. Although)


If youre interested in living to 100, or even 95, and want to remain disease-free, join me in unlocking the key to becoming a thriving centenarian by embracing the concepts of healthy blue living.






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